Managing a property means taking steps to ensure the comfort of your tenants also. Some tenants want peace and quiet when they go home, while others meanwhile prefer to keep it upbeat with some music. The children living with other tenants can be another factor too. For whatever case, Golden Assets & Property Management has come up with  a balanced approach in addressing these concerns can produce a solution for each.

Maybe one can say that  a little noise here and there can’t hurt. It’s proof of living. But when complaints about noise persist and increase, maybe it’s time to have a look around your property and hear what the tenants have been complaining about.

Now, generally, there are two main forms of noise that tenants would complain about.  Namely, these are:

  • Internal noise within your property
  • External noise outside your property

Internal noise can be caused by the other tenants or some repairs that need to be done around the property. A creaking floor or squeaking door could be an example.

External noise, on the other hand, is noise outside the jurisdiction of your property. This kind of noise is the most challenging because for whatever the cause of the noise is no longer within your jurisdiction.

Below are some steps that can help you solve noise complaints from tenants.

1. Gather feedback

Before acting out on a single complaint from a tenant, try to casually gather feedback from other tenants in your property too. After all, not all tenants are prone to complaining, so it might be helpful to ask if they’ve observed some noise.

2. Manually inspect the property

Once you’ve gathered feedback from other tenants and after deducing that the noise may need the landlord’s intervention, it would be helpful to head over to your property to see and hear for yourself what the complaints have been about.

3. Assess situation

Some noise source may be something that you can pass by as normal. For example, a family with young kids. Of course, noise from kids  is normal and would seem unfair to ask the tenants if they could somehow stop their children from crying.

On the other hand, there are noise source that do seem a  bit of a nuisance, like a tenant who plays his music through a blaring speaker. Noise sources like this is something that needs your intervention.

4. Take the next step – confrontation

Good communication is the key in effective confrontation. Keep calm, cool, and collected when talking to tenants or people outside your property so as to not offend anyone. At the same time, be assertive. Calmly present your case and remind them that living in a shared space means they have to maintain a level of respect.

5. Soundproof your walls

In cases of external noise, it’s something that’s beyond your jurisdiction. Hence, if it cannot be dealt with through kind requests, then you may have to take extra steps to soundproof the walls of your property. This may seem costly, but again, like what the expert property managers at Golden repeats, if it’s effective, then it’s not a cost — it’’s a cost-cutter.

Golden Assets and Property Management LLC is a property management services company based in Las Vegas. To know more about our services, read more at our website or call a member from our team of well-trained and efficient property managers.

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