Squatters in Las Vegas? Here’s How to Deal with Them

Squatting is a persistent problem in Las Vegas or in any place for that matter.  This is true for countries and places with a higher poverty rate. In their search for a place to live in, a vacant lot or property is a very attractive target for squatters.

As a property owner, having other people occupy your property is unsettling, and, at times, threatening.

Thankfully, there are ways to resolve squatting and to prevent such from happening. Golden Assets and Property Management LLC (GAPM) has rounded up the following information to help you deal with squatters.

What is a squatter?

Squatters are illegal settlers in presumably vacant lots or properties that are privately owned. There is no specific timeframe that squatters would choose to stay in a property. If conditions are good, then they will stay for as long as they can.

Squatters differ from unscrupulous tenants by several reasons. First, squatters don’t ask permission to stay in a lot or property. If it’s open or accessible, they’ll freely occupy it. Second, squatters don’t think about paying rent. Third, squatters do not hold themselves liable for whatever damages are incurred to your property on the duration of their stay. Fourth, squatters are not bound by a lease agreement whatsoever.

What can happen when there are squatters in your property?

When people come to your property to squat, they are left without supervision and therefore not bound nor guided by rules. Here’s what you should expect to happen when squatters are in your property:

  1. Damages, vandals, or changes to your property.
  2. An increasing population of squatters.

When the squatters have settled in long enough to have formed a system of living in your property, chances are they will fight for them to stay longer. This will result in a long and expensive legal battle that will eventually result to forceful eviction.

Possible reasons they why they’d choose your property to squat on:

  1. Accessibility – The property is unoccupied and unguarded.
  2. Location – near or within downtown area where jobs are available.
  3. Shelter – enclosed properties or houses


How to prevent squatting

To prevent squatting, create the impression that your property is occupied or guarded. Here’s how:

  1. Leave the lights on.
  2. Install a CCTV camera.
  3. Park a vehicle in the driveway.
  4. Keep it well groomed. Overgrown grass is a sign of inoccupancy.
  5. Visit your property and check it every now and then, or ask a neighbor or someone else to do it for you.


When the time comes that you feel that you need to recover your property from these squatters, here are some brief steps from Golden to help you out.

  1. Contact a lawyer and have a notice of eviction drafted. Make sure it is received by them.
  2. Follow your lawyer’s advice. If need be, coordinate with law enforcers who are well-equipped professionals for eviction in squatting cases.

Hire a property management company

Owning and managing a property are two different things. Sometimes, managing your own property on top with managing your other businesses and job can be too heavy. Hiring a property management company can lift this burden off your shoulders.

Golden Assets and Property Management is the leading property management services company in Las Vegas. They are composed of a team of highly professional and efficient property managers who are well-equipped with the knowledge and training to manage your property and handle your concerns.

If you are a property owner in Las Vegas who doesn’t want to risk the possibility of squatting in your property, contact Golden now. With the Golden Advantage, you won’t have to worry about your property.

If you need help in handling squatters in your property, Golden can assist you with your concern. Contact us at (702)-651-8886 to get started.

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