Are you looking to hire an apartment management services company in Las Vegas?


Apartment management or management of any kind of property has its own set of challenges. If you’re a property owner in Las Vegas who’s looking for the right property management service, Golden Assets and Property Management LLC (GAPM) has expert knowledge and years of experience in the business.


If you want to know more about Golden Assets & Property Management and how we can manage your rental property, check out this page or give us a call at (702)-651-8886, or send us an email at


Our property management services:

Expert consultation – The first step to any successful venture, especially for your property investment, is good planning. Our expert staff at GAPM is well-equipped with the right training and education, as well as significant experience in property management. You can be assured that our staff will walk you through the whole process of  knowing the best of your rental property’s potential and how you can achieve it.


  • Marketing – After all the plans and strategies have been laid out, when your property is ready to be put out in the market, the next step is marketing it. The right kind of marketing is unique for each property, and we at Golden Assets & Property Management LLC (GAPM) will apply a unique marketing plan that’s tailor-made for your rental property.




  • Tenant selection and rental collection – As a property owner, you’d be surprised at how these two are so closely intertwined. Our property managers at Golden will ensure that your tenants will be the least likely to pay late or default by sifting through them in a stringent filtering system — all these to make sure that you’ll collect your rental pay on time and in full.




  • Maintenance – Regular maintenance is vital for the success of any rental property. A good property manager will make sure that maintenance of the property will be done regularly, keeping your condominium or apartment running smoothly.




  • Working alongside your budget – Here at Golden, we make sure that you get your money’s worth to make the most out of your investment. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and so we always aim to provide what each of our clients need.



Here at GAPM, our goal is to give you the Golden Advantage, be it for your condo, apartment, or any other property. We work alongside your budget so that our property managers can  provide you with the best options.


So if you’re a property owner or still looking to buy a property in Las Vegas, Golden Assets & Property Management can provide you with what you need will  provide you with the most efficient service and give you the Golden Advantage, to turn your investment into gold.


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