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Golden Assets and Property Management – GAPM is a real estate brokerage based in Las Vegas. Golden’s keen attention to detail and their focus on transforming property investments is what sets Golden apart from other companies.



Our aim is to work in a mutually beneficial partnership that will maximize the potential of your property, all the while keeping your rental income a top priority so that you’d get the most out of your investment.



Here at Golden, our team of expert property managers are well-equipped with knowledge, training, and experience, to manage your property. GAPM also puts in top priority the right attitude and professionalism that our team shall adapt to make property management more efficient and more pleasant for you.



Our services


  • Marketing – Getting exposure for your property isn’t nearly enough — it’s the right exposure that matters. Here at Golden, we approach marketing through strategies  that are uniquely tailored to your needs. The tri-media (TV, print, radio) and new media (internet) will be utilized. There are also well over  100 websites. We approach marketing strategically to make sure that your rental property will always be seen on top of the listings.


  • Tenants – getting the right tenants for your property is the key to collecting your rental payment on time. The property managers at  Golden Assets & Property Management will professionally and efficiently help you filter and select the right tenants.  


  • Inspections – We at Golden look at your rental property as if it were a living and growing being — it has to be well taken cared of and given the right amount of attention that it needs. Hence, regular inspections is important. These inspections are thorough and everything is visually recorded during move-in and move-out so as to eliminate the risk of liability on your part.


  • Maintenance – This is just as important as inspections. A regular maintenance can maintain or even increase the value of a property, whereas lack of it can cause the opposite, and sometimes, even vacancy. 
    • GAPM keeps a local network of professionals who will keep your property well maintained at the shortest time possible.

    • Payments – Our partnership with our client values convenience on our clients’ part, and so our payment process is not only simple, but also effective. Our team of expert property managers at Golden utilizes an online portal system for taking tenant payments. These funds will then be transferred to your account via direct-debit, keeping the entire process fast, easy, and paper-free.


    Professional property managers at Golden Assets & Property Management embodies the Golden kind of principle — to add value to your investment. A partnership with our experts can give you access to top quality results at a low-cost, competitive rate. Get a free quote when you call us now at 702-651-8886.

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