Finding the best tenants is every landlord’s dream. We at Golden Assets and Property Management LLC (GAPM) understands how challenging it is for landlords to find the right tenants.

What makes a good tenant?

A tenant who pays the rent on time, takes care of your property, and follows the rules stipulated in your lease agreement is your ideal tenant.

How to find the right tenant

Quality tenants can sometimes be hard to spot, but not impossible. GAPM has determined the steps to help you find the best tenant for your rental property.

  1. Market your property – good tenants can spot a good property when they see it, and getting your rental property out in the market using honest and straightforward terms is a sure way to capture their attention.
  2. Focus on quality – good tenants are willing to pay a little extra if they see good property. Make sure everything is working well and regularly maintained too.
  3. Produce a clean lease agreement – a lease agreement can provide a sense of security not only for the landlord but for the tenant as well. Make sure that both your rights are covered.
  4. Seek references – having someone who’s opinion you trust refer someone as a tenant or give their assurance of this person’s character, can cut your job of searching halfway through.
  5. Screen possible tenants – find out what you need to find out, such as their credit and employment background, their financial track record, as well as their lifestyle, if they seem like they live within their means or too extravagantly.

Hiring a property manager

An experienced and accomplished property management services company will know how to get you the best tenant for your rental property.

Golden Assets and Property Management LLC (GAPM) is the leading property management services company in Las Vegas. Equipped with years of experience, Golden’s professional property managers can expertly assess your needs and provide the right solutions.

To know more, visit our page or call us at 702-651-8886.

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