Finding good tenants is every landlord’s dream — and a struggle as well. It’s a make it or break it step which is vital for the overall success of your rental business.

Golden Assets & Property Management LLC (GAPM), as the leading property management services company in Las Vegas, is equipped with years of experience in property management.

As such, Golden understands the difficulty in acquiring good tenants. Read on to know how you find a good tenant in Las Vegas.

Why you need quality tenants

Never underestimate the value of quality tenants. As a landlord, the time, money, and effort that you invested in setting up your rental property and its success will largely depend on the kind of tenants you have.

Having the best tenants will ensure that you get to collect your rental pay on time. In short, having quality tenants can give you the assurance that your rental income will meet your satisfaction.

Overall, with quality tenants, you can be sure that you’ll get your return of investment and having a thriving business as well.

How to find good tenants

Picking out good tenants isn’t as difficult as landlords may think. With the right strategy and systematic approach, you’ll be able to land quality tenants for your rental property.

Equipped with years of experience in the field and run by a team of professional property managers, Golden has developed a system of filtering tenants in order to serve the landlord’s best interests for his property.

Part of the process is always in background checking. Sometimes landlords make the mistake of taking in the first “decent” person to apply for tenancy, but don’t be fooled. Landlords have to be discerning and smart in this way.

The tenant must, first and foremost, have no criminal record. He or she must be earning a sufficient income preferably from a stable job.

Also, don’t hesitate or think that it’s intrusive to check the tenant’s previous occupancies and credit record. In the end, this knowledge will help a lot for you as an investor.

And surprisingly, you also have to check their lifestyle. Earning a more than sufficient income, for example, isn’t indicative of the person’s capability and level of responsibility as a tenant. Check if they are living a very luxurious lifestyle or if they are “jetsetters” who jump from one place to the next.

What happens when you choose the wrong tenant?

It can depend on many levels of bad to catastrophic. You may incur damages to your property, huge bills that’s left for you to pay, or even a lawsuit!

Managing a property is never a task for the weak and fainthearted, thus as a landlord, you need to learn to be able to set your own standards and stand for what you think is right for your property and your needs.


In a nutshell, the process of selecting quality tenants for your property in Las Vegas may be something that you have a lot of or no time for at all. Nevertheless, it’s something that every landlord should consider. Consider it as part of your investment.

If you are a property owner in Las Vegas who’s looking to hire a property manager, Golden Assets & Property Management LLC (GAPM) offers full-time property management services. To know more, check out this page or contact us at 702-651-8886.

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