Everybody appreciates a beautiful home, but when it just comes down to it, not all of us have the budget to hire a professional to renovate, or even the time to do it ourselves! But don’t worry. Golden Assets & Property Management (GAPM) has rounded up some budget-friendly DIY tips that surely won’t hurt your purse.

Before anything else, the first step is:


  1. Clean

Everything. Top to bottom. You’d be surprised at how new things will look like if you wash away the layers of dirt, dust, and grime. Add some polish and voila! Good as new. As they say, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” And if  you’re not satisfied with the results, read on to step number two.


     2.)  Repaint

Sometimes, you can’t clean away the years on your walls. Take out those paint cans and start brushing! A fresh coat of paint can change up a room. The lightness or darkness of the colour, even its hue, can have its own unique effect on your mood and the overall aura  of the room. A fresh paint or a new colour can be an interesting chance to change up your home decors. For budget-friendly home decors, take note of the next step.


      3.) Reuse

Go and unleash that creativity. Some old items that have been laying in a corner or just forgotten in the garage can be transformed into home decors. Some would go for a vintage feel, but anything is possible.


4.) Repair

Broken appliances and other objects can make a room look sad. In worse cases, dilapidated. If you don’t have the time to have it repaired, try covering it up with a knitted scarf or woven cloth. This way, you can mix and match your favorite colors to blend with your room. Add a flower on top for detail.


       5.) Change those doors

The door is the first thing that a person sees upon entering a room or your house. Simply put, it makes a lasting impression. Change your doors or if you want you can also just put on a new coat of varnish to give it the appearance of newness.

         6.) Go green

Adding plants and flowers not only brighten up the room, it can also improve air circulation. For those living in warm climates, having plants around can help lower the temperature. You can save electricity too! So, go green. Add some flowers and plants. If you don’t have a yard to plant on, try using pots or reusing old bottles and other plastics. Not only are you sprucing up your home, you’re also helping the environment.

Fun fact: One other alternative to keep your house cool is by adding insulation. It’s another thing that we at Golden would refer to as a cost-cutter as you would be saving  money on electricity in the long run. Plus, the overall feel of the house matters too.


At Golden, our expert and professional property managers understand how property owners value the aesthetic value of their property. Moreover, we understand that costly alternatives  are not for everyone. The above tips should help out property and home-owners who want to spruce up and renovate their homes without spending too much.

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