George Morrissey, Broker  Property Services, Inc.
1818 Industrial Road #101 Las Vegas, Nevada  89102
Office: 702-385-3733   Fax: 702-946-1312 

24 hour repair/message hotline 702-357-9754

Email us or call the office to get an agent to help you see a property

$0.00 key fee, $0.00 pet fee, $0.00 Cleaning fee,

$0.00 processing fee

Your only Non Refundable fee to move in is the low cost application fee!

See "Tenant Forms" to get our rental application

For Tenants: 24/7 phone after hours repair/message hotline - 702-357-9754 - turning voicemail into texts + emailing our on call staff

Cutting edge software systems to help both tenants and owners

Anyone can pay online / Ask about building credit with us!

Utility List move in/out package making life easier

We want long term tenants

Owners pay the monthly HOA dues

For Owners: Average tenant stays longer than 3 years!

We have owner/clients with us over 20 years!

No "Markup" of Maintenance Charges like other firms!

Automatic Deposit to your owners account available


Ask about our Eviction Protection Program for owners

We have clients all over the U.S. and from countries like Brazil, Canada, England, and Australia

We own property ourselves, and have rentals from $750 to $3,000 or more per month


At Property Services, Inc., we manage property as an art and a science - "on purpose" - not as a sideline. Our handpicked staff - who all each "own" rental property as well as their clients - will customize a specialized marketing program - using our "trade secrets" learned from our vast experience to meet your needs. We are a full time firm helping owners, investors, buyers and tenants - work with many types of property all over Southern Nevada. We specialize in trying to maximize long term occupancy for our clients. These strategies help owners become long term investors with consistent results. Good tenants like renting from us since they gain confidence knowing our owners will support the property and our policies allow tenants to enjoy the property - thus they generally tend to stay a long time. Our respect for the law and good business practices along with our maintenance support in our system provides for a smoother rental experience for caring tenants.

When this happens there can be consistent results for the ownership of that property and a happier tenant - that ends up taking better care of a home and who knows they can stay longer - so they do. Our methods help produce long term occupancy at fair prices with tenants trusting that they get the support they need which also helps the owners reach their objectives over the long term also. Long term tenants in our system and use of long standing strategies reduces vacancy, turnover and maintenance - which are the big three (and possibly only) costs of rental ownership. If a tenant stays for the "long term" the vacancy and turnover costs "go away and do not exist".

If you are an investor who needs intelligent property management support look no further! If you as a homeowner has ever considered keeping your home (one of your best assets ever) in this dynamic Las Vegas market as a rental investment - let us show you some options and how it works! If this is the wrong time to sell for you - allow us to show you how profitable it might be renting your home out while waiting for your future plans to take place. Some of our owners who have found out that it is possible to get good tenants using smart methods that like to stay a long time. This allows some owners to have the strength to buy more property.

We provide a wide range of complete property management services - as well as buying and selling services for clients - doing everything from A to Z. We use traditional and new methods such as internet marketing, along with some time tested "trade secrets" to achieve better results than others. You get a bundle of services when you hire us as your property manager: privacy, our monthly newsletter, bookkeeping, strategy, tips, recommendations, your use of our hand picked vendors, and many other of our time tested support teams and other helpful factors. Our reputation is proven by our continuous long-term clients and tenants!

When you find a home to rent from us, you will notice that it is priced very competitively!. We have a variety of properties in many areas available for lease. When you rent from us, you have the opportunity of long term occupancy in well kept property. If you qualify, you may find yourself renting from us for a long time!

Use the links on the left to learn more about our company and our services, view available rental homes, and decide if you want to apply to rent from us. Most of your questions should be answered on our application or here at our website. Feel free to contact us at any time for other questions!




George Morrissey, Broker  Property Services, Inc.
1818 Industrial Road #101 Las Vegas, Nevada  89102
Phone: 702-385-3733   Fax: 702-946-1312 

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